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Your Need - a BETTER way to utilise software
Software technology is a powerful tool for business - it improves how a business can function in terms of its processes, it can reduce costs and it can deliver better customer services. These and other beneficial attributes are well-known.

However, getting the software that you can utilise to the fullest is not an easy task for a myriad of reasons. For one, although engineering principles and logic can be applied to some extent to software, building software is by no means an exact science and software development projects can be and are troublesome. Off the shelf software products can also have limitations which hamper your business. There are multitudes of statistics bearing these facts out in terms of project failures and underwhelming results and all businesses are facing this challenge, so you are not alone.

The Solution => use Software Services from Softonomy
We offer Software Services as a solution. Building software is our expertise and core activity - we take on the burden of designing and developing the software that fits your organisation with the specific functionality that you need. Our specialised and experienced people work in combination with your people to deliver software project successes. As a third-party, we provide an independent experienced point-of-view which is highly valuable and powerful in the context of a complex software project. We assist in close partnership for any software development project no matter where it is in its cycle and no matter what its size, and we offer skills in a wide range of software development technologies and specialist areas. We fulfill roles and provide expertise, consultancy and advice. In short, whether your needs are small, large, multi-year or temporary - we can help.

But thats not all - availing of our managed Offshore Development Centre's we can provide software services at lower cost and best of all locally within Europe so hence with low risk. We provide this through what we have termed Hybrid Software Services, providing a managed software design and development services to businesses with the benefits of the locally delivered services backed by low-cost remote services combining the cost advantages that these resources can bring.


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