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Softonomy provide a specialised consultancy service to our Customers that require particular information and research into a specific technological area, or technology choices, feeding back into the company strategy and management decision making process. If you are interested to avail of this service for the benefit of your organisation, please contact us.

June 2004
Web Services Update
(PDF, 2 pages, 38 kb)
This document provides a brief update on the main developments that have taken place with Web Services since we wrote a white paper on the topic in 2002.

Feb 2003
Real-Time Business Intelligence

(PDF, 10 pages, 200 kb)
Real-Time Business Intelligence solutions provide access to critical business information, typically on a per job role basis, enabling employees to do their jobs faster and more effectively. Distilled information is timely delivered within an effective workflow framework. Read this white paper to find out more.

May 2002
Web Services
(PDF, 17 pages, 315 kb)
Outlines in plain business terms what Web Services are, their current stage of the development, the way this area is likely to develop and how businesses may exploit this technology.

Jan 2002
The Emergence of Components
(PDF, 10 pages, 232 kb)
The idea that software can be developed via the re-use of components is not new. Software re-use has been recognised as an attractive idea with a direct payoff. Building software solutions from pre-built, high-quality and tested software components can save both the costs and the time of redundant work and overall enhances solutions. Read this paper to find out more.

Nov 2001
Software Survey - Analysis
(PDF, 5 pages, 156 kb)
Nearly 80% of Senior Business Executives stated that information systems software is a key to driving their business yet 60% stated that in many areas of their business, information is not flowing freely enough to get the work done.

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