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Softonomy, a company headquartered in Ireland, are builders of Software Solutions that enable businesses. Our skilled experts include Analysts, Designers, Developers, Architects and Project Managers.

We design and develop a range of software solutions, customising each solution leveraging the business strengths, qualities and capabilities of our Clients, meeting their specific needs and maximizing the positive effects as a result. The customised software solutions we build are:

  • designed to tackle business challenges that our Clients are facing by improving the handling (accuracy, timing, content, etc) of data, information and knowledge

  • devised to increase competitive advantage for Clients and improve their performance

  • prudently managed to deliver a return on investment within an acceptable timeframe

We utilise an efficient approach for building software solutions based on years of experience developing effective software for complex requirements. We utilise pre-built software and business components where beneficial. This is not only cost-effective but also enhances software quality. Additionally, we build solutions using a flexible approach where software is released early and frequently to key groups and where the building process is tunable to the needs of our Clients.

Our skilled people provide all of the necessary skills for creating a software solution. We use streamlined techniques to capture the requirements, to design the solution framework, to develop and test the solution and the processes, to provide training and technology transfer, change management and project management. We work closely with our Clients as we are stakeholders in the success of the solution.

Over the last two decades, we have been involved in using the most significant software development techniques, methodologies, programming languages, architectures and frameworks.

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